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In the late 80's he was known as "PAPA BON" the reggae DJ and was active in his own hometown Sapporo.
In 1993 he left for America, as he stayed abroad in Jamaica, NY for quite a while. During this period he released a 7 inch single from labels that was gradually gaining power in the Japanese Reggae scene such as "Jap Jam", "Thunder Gate", PAPA B's existence started to emerge.

After releasing a 12 inch single from "Rockers Island" in 98, he also perfected and released an album "Sword Man" (Bandai) the same year which featured artists such as Pushim and Ryo the Skywalker, he decides to return to his home country Japan.

After returning home, he was very active in touring all around Japan for lives and releases from all sorts of labels, he always remained as the center of the reggae scene. As he released his Maxi Single "WHO AM I" from Universal in 2001,he renews his name to "PAPA B".

PAPA B's unique charismatic status lies in his fully veritable, fresh themes; his melodious, yet machine gun like talk and flow that rains questions upon society; he always blends a comical, yet unexpected lyric, but is in fact very deep and fronts the society in a way of his own.

At lives, band shows or rub-a-dubs, he performs his own taste and shows his high-leveled skills at big dances. As he joins his friends MIGHTY CROWN, back from the days in NY in November of 2003, PAPA B travels from his hometown Sapporo to Yokohama, which MIGHTY CROWN is based in order to earnestly start his recording. He releases his full album "NEO ENTERTAINER" in June of 2004. After 6 years since his last album, this new album became a classic a long with his popular performance.

You may hear his fast machinegun DJ tunes in one song and in another, you will hear his simple and straight message that pierces your heart. As you can see from his album title, he is an entertainer with a variety of ideas and flexibility towards his music.

With full originality yet always bringing new styles to the table, PAPA B keeping his own way, is an artist who sends Freedom and Joyful vibes towards tens and thousands of people.