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Conquering the DJ Contest at the year 2000
Guan Chai joined the Mighty Crown Family and made a debut "Moujiki" from Mighty Crown's label, LIFE STYLE.

Guan Chai's high and wide tone gives an understandable yet strong vibe which is supported by a wide range of age groups. The album that was released in 2004 from the Mighty Crown Family alongside in time for the "Yokohama Reggae Festival 2004", had a coupling with Guan Chai's solo tune "BIG SHIP".

In it, the part that he expresses "Although there may be problems (tasks), we all believe; thus let us all unite and move forward is a MUST listen. On the other hand, Guan Chai's music making is also self produced. LIFE STYLE label, FIRE BALL / PAPA B's album, and also Mighty Crown produced albums has also Guan Chai's hand in it as a Track Maker. Guan Chai has also teamed up with SAMI-T (Mighty Crown) as TC MOVEMENTS and made remixes for artists such as ZEEBRA and so forth.

Guan Chai's multi-talent in the reggae field has also expanded him as being in FIRE BALL's original band JUNGLE ROOTS, and at lives, he works as a MPC operator and tours with the group.